Want to Leverage Over a Billion Users to Grow Your Business? Harness The Power of Instagram!

Since Facebook acquired Instagram, the platform has grown exponentially. What initially started as a photo-sharing app, is now a massive powerhouse of social media influencing. It is no secret that it has over a billion people including major world figures and celebrities from all walks of life. Leveraging it for your business is one of the smartest moves ever, and yet, most businesses struggle at making the most of it.

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How Does Instagram Advertising Works?

Instagram ads are sponsored content on the platform paid by business to reach a large number of audiences. The users see your ad visuals as campaigns in their news feed and depending on how effective your ad is taking the next step in engagement.

The world is fast-paced now and not everyone has the time to even skim through lengthy articles. Instagram is a visual paradise – some images and videos get people hooked without them even realising it. Instagram has mastered the art of serving audio-visual content, and that gets attention like crazy! And in the digital age, attention is everything. 

Why Work with Seven C Digital for Instagram Advertising?

If you are looking for a world-class professional Instagram marketing service, look no further. We are well known in the digital marketing space and have a track record of delivering high-quality services, consistently.

Seven C Digital is an Instagram advertising agency in Birmingham like no other – our ad campaigns put your brand in the spotlight like never before! The products and services get all the attention they need, turning casual strollers into your customers in no time.

Our consultants work tirelessly and find hidden patterns in the algorithms, which lets us hit the sweet spot over and over again. With an unbeatable success rate in Instagram marketing, we are undoubtedly one of the top Instagram advertising agencies in Birmingham & in the UK.

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Exciting Features of Our Instagram Advertising Services

We do not believe in run-of-the-mill ads that do not have specific structures to them. We take into account, the complete list of factors, beginning right from your brand values, product types, and business goals, so the strategy is 100% tailored to your brand and specifics. This approach has worked for hundreds of our clients in the past and continues to bring amazing results.


Research and Audit

Deep research is a critical element of our Instagram ads services. The foremost thing is to understand the market you are already serving, your ideal market and the ones you want to target. We give you a no-nonsense analysis of what to realistically expect within the budget and timeframe you have.

360 Strategy

Holistic Optimisation

We don’t just run Instagram ads; our expertise extends to other social media platforms and other aspects of the digital world. Besides consistently updating the ad sets for optimum performance, we suggest best practices suited for your systems under the situation.



Everything your ad does, is quantified with data. Our team shares progress reports and you have complete access to how the ad sets are performing over time. We collate the reporting data and quantify results to reveal key metrics including date reach, impressions, cost-per-click, ROI, and other performance metrics.


Ongoing Support

Our relationship is not over with the campaigns. We continue to support you in case you run into troubles down the road. We also have a dedicated support team for priority resolutions on a monthly and yearly basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Instagram advertising is the practice of creating and managing paid adverts on the Instagram platform. The usual intent behind this is to gain more traction for your online business such as an e-commerce store selling niche products and a service-provider selling services. Instagram lets you target specific customer types through their ads, which get converted into leads.

Instagram ads are a highly effective way of reaching out to new customers and reconnecting with past ones. The popularity of this platform has crossed the expectations of many experts and it continues to do so. This is why it is a great idea to market your brand here.

The algorithms keep changing several times a month and there is no clear figure you should expect. However, the platform lets you set the budget and gives an estimated number of people that the ad would reach. The actual performance may vary because human behaviour is somewhat unpredictable.

Businesses of all sizes and types can benefit from Instagram ads. Whether it is medium-sized IT companies or small mom and pop stores. Our Instagram ads agency in Birmingham has created and run Instagram ads for all kinds of businesses and delighted them with off-the-charts success.