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With more than 2.85 billion active users, Facebook is by far, the largest social media platform on the planet! This is where the world hangs out, but if you are not already leveraging it for business, you are missing out.

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Turn the Largest Social Platform into a Lead Generating Robot for Your Business

Our Facebook advertising company in Birmingham works with well-experienced experts in social media, digital marketing and online sales. The professional ads we design work towards gaining customer attention from the second they go live. We are proud of delivering exceptional ad results for our clients through Facebook and Instagram marketing.

If you have used Facebook ads and did not find success with it, you are not alone. Countless businesses struggle to understand the right variables to use in the ads manager of Facebook. Even after they think they have just cracked the code, the algorithm proves them wrong and they end up losing both time and money.

Why Trust Us for Your Ads?

We are more than a decade-old in Facebook advertising services. From the time these ads used to be easier than a cakewalk, to these days where unpredictable algorithm changes have taken the front seat, we have been crushing it!

Our Facebook ads management services are highly popular with small and large businesses in many different sectors because we deliver consistent quality.

At the Seven C Digital, Facebook advertising agency, we know exactly how to tap into the seemingly confusing ad managers, make the right choices and ultimately run campaigns that generate unbelievable ROIs.

Facebook Advertising services

Features of Our Facebook Ad Services

We create ads that get you new leads, retarget old customers and sustain the ones already buying from your brand. Whether you are a new startup or a large enterprise, we can get the results you seek.

Quick Turnarounds

Quick Turnarounds

The network of algorithms constantly working in the backend of Facebook gets updated multiple times and without a warning. Our speed of implementation makes sure that despite these changes, there is no hiccup in the plans and the ads perform well.


Winning Ads

Facebook advertisement is both a science and an art. From designing creative ads that garner immediate attention, to catchphrases that stick, our teams are skilled at releasing ads that win! We have designed countless high-performing ads that have overtime bestowed upon us, the title of the top Facebook advertising company in the region.



In the digital world, quantification is key. With us, you do not have to worry about keeping track. We collate the data and quantify results to reveal key metrics including date reach, impressions, cost-per-click, ROI, and other performance metrics. We use facebook tools to measure the performance of your ads and improve your results for the campaigns.



We study the ongoing changes, not only with Facebook, but also the wider scope of your sales funnels. This lets us upgrade our ad sets so they stay on track, come what may. As the pages keep adapting to the algorithmic changes, the platform keeps showcasing the ad to the exact target audience you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook surpasses every other social media platform by a long shot as far as active users are concerned. Advertising on Facebook is tricky for an individual, especially if they have no experience. Professionally managed Facebook ads are a whole different story – they can give you quick results and a great ROI.

Facebook, like other social media platforms, charges for advertisements. However, the costs are usually justifiable because these ads can bring massive brand awareness and a bucket load of leads.

Unless you have the experience and skillset with digital marketing, and most important, the time to invest, it’s unlikely you’ll get much out of doing Facebook ads yourself. The first few times can be a total waste of money and by the time you learn to work with the algorithm, it changes. Professionals can do the heavy lifting for you much better and you would end up getting better results, despite the changing advertising landscape.

The costs vary according to variables like the business niche, type of target audience, duration of the campaign etc. The good part is that the platform is pretty flexible in terms of budget – no matter how much you want to spend, there would be an estimate of the audience you can expect to reach.

It is like comparing apples and oranges — advertising on both these platforms is different. Your budget, business type and target audience are the prime factors that help you make the choice.