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Social media is a golden opportunity to boost your visibility, reach, and search ranking on a wider scale. There is practically no limit to the level you can market your brand and how far you can take it with social media. At Seven C Digital, we can help you to grow your brand on social platforms and start building an online audience and attracting qualified leads.

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The world is now more connected than ever before, thanks to social media. Right now, your ideal prospects are browsing social media and if you’re not there, they won’t get a chance to build a relationship with your brand.

But building a solid and sustainable social presence involves way more than just posting on social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. It takes a fair amount of strategy, planning, effective content creation, monitoring, and tracking results to get your businesses on the lane to social media success. That’s where you need the assistance of a reputed social media agency like ours.

Why Choose Seven C As Your Social Media Agency Partner?

Seven C Digital’s social media team has all the expertise needed to make your brand shine on social media. Whatever be the nature of your business, we can help you with end-to-end social media management, which involves:

  • Auditing your social media account and doing research on your market and your competitors and putting together a strategic social media growth strategy.
  • Creating audience engagement through organic efforts as well as running social media ad campaigns.
  • Managing your entire social media posting and scheduling activities to ensure that your messages reach the right audience, at the right time.
  • Capitalising on the latest events, trends, festivals, and special occasions to boost brand awareness and popularity.
  • Monitoring your social accounts to track the performance of your campaigns and making improvements for better results.

As a part of our social media advertising services, we provide:

As a full-service Digital Marketing Agency and Social Media Agency based in Birmingham, UK, we are committed to create and implement social media marketing strategies to align with your overall business objectives and online marketing needs.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Our social media agency in Birmingham works with small and large businesses in the region to create high-quality advertisements that pack a punch. What’s more, our expertise and experience make sure that the CPL is as low as it can get for your business niche.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram Advertising

Leverage the power of a platform that is growing bigger by the day. With more than 1 billion active users and hundreds of millions in the U.K. alone, Instagram is a great choice for good leads. Our laser-sharp strategies ensure the success of your Instagram campaigns.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising

Want to get top-notch leads in professional and B2B circles? Take charge of your business growth through our social media services that work with LinkedIn. Our artificial-intelligence-powered tools let us target just the right audience within a cost-effective framework.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your prospects and customers use the internet, then yes! It doesn’t matter what you sell, your target audience is out there on social media. Where and how you’ll find them are things that an experienced social media company like ours can help you with.

It depends on your business. Whilst most businesses will do well to start with Facebook, the right mix of platforms that will generate the best results from your social media marketing efforts can only be decided after analysing your business, customer profiles, market, and objectives.

Our social media team starts by getting to know your business, your customers, competitors and the market you operate in. Then we use all those insights to draw a social media strategy which includes determining the right platforms, creating a roadmap for growing you a targeted following, driving traffic and leads to your website, and developing campaigns that culminate in sales.

It’s hard to pull a figure without knowing your budget, marketing goals, type of audience you are targeting, and markets you want to reach. While it seems obvious that you get what you pay for, it is possible to get more for less. A seasoned social media advertising company knows how to make the most out of any budget, as long as it’s reasonable and aligned with the goals that the business is trying to achieve.