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Do you want to gain more leads and conversions from your website? Do you want to save on online marketing and advertising costs? If you answered yes to these questions, Organic SEO is the answer for you and the Seven C Digital SEO agency can help you nail it.

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How Does Organic SEO Work?

When a website provides high-quality information, relevant to what customers search, customers visit and stay on it longer. This builds rapport with customers and authority with the search engine algorithms. Landing pages with keyword-rich content, backlinks and media get recommended more than unstructured pages.

While everyone knows this on the surface level, it isn’t a cakewalk. The depth of research and targeted execution that an SEO company puts into building these campaigns is what drives success. With a synchronised framework, this works for every business and product out there.

We are the most trusted Organic SEO company in Birmingham! Hundreds of businesses have achieved successful results with our tailor-made SEO campaigns that help their websites end up on the top of Google search results.

Why Do You Need Organic SEO?

Organic SEO is an extended marketing strategy that goes far beyond leads and conversions. It equips your website to fare well with the search engine algorithms, above and beyond your paid advertisements. An ideal search engine optimisation service lets you save on advertisement costs by getting you organic, hot leads that you would otherwise need aggressive campaigns for.

It is much easier to plan your budgets for your organic SEO efforts and the returns provided are much more than marketing campaigns.

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Seven C Digital

Why Seven C Digital for Your Organic SEO?

Through a decade-long streak of highly successful Organic SEO campaigns, we have established our name as the leading agency for SEO in Birmingham. A long list of clients, both local and national, can attest to our next-generation capabilities in designing and executing stellar search engine optimisation services.

Our experience in this craft means you get a specially formulated strategy that works without hassles to give you tangible results. Our experts are skilled at deep-diving into the ocean of the internet for keyword research, web development and landing page optimisations that work even long after the end of the campaign. With us, you can gain valuable insights that soar your revenues.

Features of Seven C’s Organic SEO Services

Complete Customisations. We do not work with a generic approach that relies on a wing and a prayer, but specific strategies honed for your business and situation.

Multiple Variations. Instead of limiting ourselves into a box, we use a plethora of features from other disciples, increasing the chances of success. From schema markup and content optimisations to metadata enhancements and link tracking, we leave no stone unturned to give you powerful results.

Advanced Tactics. The online world is rapidly evolving and it is a necessity to keep up. Our team uses the most advanced tools that bring high-quality data so we can make sure your business gets noticed not just on personal computers, but mobiles, tablets and voice-search results as well.

Our Comprehensive Array of Professional SEO Services includes:

We deliver a range of white hat SEO Services which works to improve your website traffic, keywords ranking, website content optimisation, search visibility, domain and page authority, backlinks and conversion rate.


SEO Audit

We test your website’s performance against a dozen of different parameters including: page speed, mobile-friendliness, SEO-friendly content, broken links, indexing issues, and duplicate content, among others.

Keywords Analysis

Keywords Analysis

Keyword research is one of the most vital and great return activities in the search engine optimization field. Ranking for the correct keywords can make your website’s performance high in search engines. We define and implement on-page strategy.

Link Building SEO

Link Building

At Seven C Digital, earning high-quality, trusted links is a crucial part of our integrated approach to Digital Marketing. As a full-service online marketing & link building agency, we have mastered the art of white hat quality backlink building.


SEO Reporting

It is important to know the ins and outs of SEO strategy. We provide monthly reporting about keywords rankings, organic traffic, most performing pages, country wise traffic, monthly goals report, channel wise traffic report, back links, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Organic SEO comprises a host of activities and strategies aimed towards improving the search rankings of websites for search engines. It is different from paid advertisements that look for quicker results and are short-term.

Organic search ranking is the positioning of a website on search engines, revealed when someone searches for information. A complex set of functions detected by algorithms decide what shows up where on the results page.

For the long-term sustenance of a website’s ranking, organic SEO works significantly better than paid ads. If a landing page does not show up on search pages, it does not gain the trust and authority of customers and the search engine.

Since it is a long-term strategy, organic SEO takes more time than targeted ad campaigns for the results to show up. Based on business or product niche, market saturation and other factors, every website takes different amounts of time to show results, varying anywhere between 3-12 months.