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Reports suggest that around 8% of the total GDP in the UK consists of online sales. Are you riding this new wave of economic growth? If you do not have an online store, our eCommerce SEO Agency in Birmingham can help you in setting up a high-performance store in less than a month!

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How eCommerce SEO Works

The processes behind eCommerce SEO involve strategies that put your store at the forefront of search results. This leverages the elements from all areas of the website, be it product listings, category pages or blog posts.

When potential customers visit a search engine like Google to find information on products that you sell, eCommerce SEO ensures that your website shows high up. This way, these customers are more likely to visit your store, and eventually buy.

However, if you own an online eCommerce store and struggle with sales, eCommerce SEO can turn things around for you. It works like other SEO strategies, but takes into account the specifics of an online store, so you can get more visitors who bring in more sales.

Why Choose Seven C Digital's eCommerce SEO?

Simply because we are the best when it comes to online marketing for eCommerce. Our dedicated teams know where to look for bottlenecks in your website right from the get-go! Our strategy is never generic but specially crafted for your business conditions in mind. After a detailed consultation session, we would list down a calibrated project plan for your eCommerce website that carries a two-fold benefit of increasing site traffic and establishing credibility for algorithms.

Countless clients have found overwhelming success in their eCommerce operations with us in the past and still trust us for continued technological support. We know what works and what does not. If you are serious about your ecommerce business and do not want to spend countless hours making costly mistakes, look no further.

Advantages of Our eCommerce SEO Services

We are a complete eCommerce SEO company that guides you on the best strategy suited for your business niche, target audience and business goals. We help you formulate it and even execute it both digitally and manually.



Search engine bots 'crawl' through websites without you even noticing! A website must be easy to 'crawl' if you intend to have it indexed properly. Audits reveal bugs, 404 pages, errors and dead links that give a bad reputation leading the algorithm to rank it lower than others.

Keywords Analysis

Keywords Analysis

Our eCommerce SEO consultants perform thorough research that reveals what the customers in a particular region are searching on the internet. Based on this, we design customised strategies because SEO for eCommerce in Birmingham would be different from other areas.

Multiple Channels

Site Optimisation

We know that your site has to win on many verticals to be able to delight customers. That’s why we cover all bases, from design, site architecture, navigability, and user experience to high-quality content that informs, engages, and prompts them to click, browse, and purchase.


Higher Sales

eCommerce sites aren’t all about leads and traffic. The real success lies in being able to convert them into loyal customers. Being more focused on conversions and ROI, we don’t give your website a temporary lift in the search rankings. We make real difference in terms of sales and revenue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking to improve website traffic, leads and sales for your online eCommerce store without spending a fortune on advertising, you need eCommerce SEO! SEO for eCommerce is a long-term strategy that builds authority and trust for your website in the search engine algorithms.

Given the ever-increasing number of competing websites in the eCommerce space, SEO has become a necessity for online business owners.

Since SEO is completely different from any form of paid online advertisement, the results are not immediate. It does take some time but the results are long-lasting and have multiple benefits besides traffic generation. Although it varies from case to case, it generally takes at least 3-6 months for the first results to show up.

Unless you are a professional yourself, it is always better to get in touch with a reputed SEO agency for eCommerce.

A simple 3 step process can help you in getting started and nailing your SEO game. The first is assessing your current business situation and formulating tangible goals for the near future. The next steps involve devising a complete strategy and later tweaking it according to the feedback. You can also pick from our eCommerce website SEO packages to help you gain complete control of your strategy, direction and results.