Get the Most Out of Every Customer Interaction with Remarketing Ads !

Most marketing efforts fail after a short spike because they do not take into account the stages of a buyer’s journey. A lot of the ideal customers you’ve always wanted, miss the ads you run, because of outdated targeting. Not anymore! Find out how our remarketing services can give your website explosive growth in the number of visitors.

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Remarketing Advertising Services

PPC Remarketing Advertising Services

Our remarketing services are not just whims and fancies based on outdated patterns in customer data, but up-to-date toolkits designed to deliver high-quality results. With us, you would not just show up in ads in the right place, but re-ignite the fire of brand awareness with customers. When ads show up just at the right time, customers get incentivised to visit the website, sign up or sign, either one of which leads to growth.

Remarketing campaigns under the umbrella of a larger paid search strategy brings in old customers and make new ones notice your brand. Through simple browser cookies and codes, remarketing helps you stay in touch with the customers who visit your website even once. No wonder over 70% of marketers trust retargeting to increase brand awareness.

Our clients, both national and international, continue to receive a whopping increase in their business growth, making us the top digital marketing agency in Birmingham & in the region!

Increase Sales and Leads with Remarketing Ads from a Top Remarketing Agency

Our remarketing team consists of professionals with rich experience and versatile backgrounds in the digital world. We do not create random ad strategies and hope they’ll work, but assess your complete business niche, website and goals before laying down a well-structured plan.

Having run hundreds of campaigns, we can intuitively find the areas of opportunity in yours, and fix them for you. Our new campaigns are well-formulated and make sure the ROI you receive is worth our effort and your time.

We would not abandon you after the successful execution of your project. Our customer support team continue to support you through phone calls and email if you need help. We also have monthly and yearly support plans for dedicated priority support that gets serious business owners, the helping hand they need.

Professional Remarketing Services

Amazing Features of Our Remarketing Campaigns

To sum up, here are some of the features of partnering with a professional company like Seven C Digital for your Remarketing Campaign:

Multiple Channels

Multiple Platforms

We work with the best talent in the industry across all platforms. Be it Google Ads, Facebook Business, YouTube or LinkedIn, our teams design killer campaigns that hit the sweet spot every single time!

Spectral Sweep

Retargeting requires a deep understanding of customer behaviour patterns. The tactics we use range from retargeting cart abandoners to site visitors – every group acts differently and so do our targeting because one size does not fit all!



Hardened professionals at our remarketing agency work tirelessly with algorithms, analytics and reports so every step of the way, we are confident in our decision-making abilities.



We operate under a full disclosure system. Whether it is eCommerce remarketing or Google Ads remarketing, all the information you need on the status, progress and ROI of the campaign is available to you, all the time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have not got the results your expected from earlier ad campaigns, or you feel you could not tap the ideal market, Google remarketing can solve most, if not all of your problems. Google is the largest search engine with millions of visitors searching for information every second. Remarketing on Google is one of the wisest marketing decisions.

Google Remarketing is based on targeting the customers who have previously engaged with your brand, be it through a website visit or a YouTube video. The data collected from engagement sources is used to get those customers back to visiting and eventually buying from you. When done correctly, there is perhaps no marketing strategy in the world that brings better results than remarketing.

We are at the apex of remarketing and digital solutions management in the UK. The company prides itself on an experience of over 10 years. The strategies we utilise are highly effective, updated and battle-tested.