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With years of dedication and hard work, we have garnered a long list of highly successful clients that vouch for our paid advertising company. After helping hundreds of companies and brands, we have embarked on a mission to assist a thousand businesses in the Birmingham & across the UK. The only question we have is, are you going to be one of them?

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Paid Search for the Win!

If you have a business that runs completely online that you need for leads for or just a portfolio website you’d like to show up on top of search pages, paid search is a no-nonsense approach to get things done.

It is a simple, yet highly effective form of search engine advertising that our paid search agency in Birmingham already runs for all kinds of businesses. Although the search engine charges a little commission every time your ad is clicked by visitors, it becomes negligible in the grand scheme of things where people buy from you. In comparison to the leads, sales and traffic generation, paid search can be quite rewarding.

If done right, paid search or PPC can put your business on the fast track to success. Our next-gen paid search advertising services turn websites into lead generation heroes that bring you powerful results, every day.

Why Go with Our Paid Search Services?

If it were so easy, everyone would be doing it. The interesting thing here is that it takes a deeper understanding of online systems, software and search engine algorithms to launch paid search campaigns that deliver. While amateurs throw darts in the dark and hope to make good on their promises, we deliver the value we promise because we know what works!

Our proven success rate across several business verticals for hundreds of customers depicts our prowess as the leading Google Ads management agency in the Birmingham, UK. The in-house PPC experts team as Seven C Digital keeps track of the latest patterns in the paid search engine algorithms so we stay a step ahead of the game all the time.

Features of Our Paid Search Services

Many times, if you jump into the digital ocean without the necessary knowledge, tools and expertise, you end up losing more than you could ever imagine. Our methodical approach makes sure that your needs are exactly fulfilled. The features you should choose us are as under:


PPC Auditing

Tried running campaigns yourself to no avail? Our PPC auditing digs deep to find the most lethal errors in your campaign designs and turn them into traffic-generating machines.

360 Strategy

360° Strategy

We are equipped to not only provide Google Ads management services but a host of SEO, marketing and optimisation tools that increase chances of success.

Bespoke Campaigns

Custom Campaign

The most valuable lesson with digital advertisements is that every business niche is different from the other and so should be the campaign. This is why our PPC Ad management services are customised.

Multiple Channels

Multiple Channels

From search engine ads to Display advertisements, our team of experts designs high-performance PPC campaigns for every platform that matters. We aren’t the leading paid advertising company for no reason!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Paid search works for every kind of business regardless of their niche and size. While organic SEO is great, it does take considerable time to yield results. Paid search is quicker and puts you at the forefront of the digital world where customers have the highest chances of seeing your product and website.

PPC is a great strategy for both large and small businesses. It has multiple benefits that do not just end at increased traffic. A significant advantage that it brings along is increased brand awareness – people would know your brand, even if they do not buy from you. This heightened brand awareness pays off one way or the other in the longer run.

Google Ads is one of the greatest marketing tools that return amazing results. Unlike other methods, it does take between 6-12 months to truly reflect the ROI results because the campaign data is not instantly available for review. Most campaigns, however, achieve much more than the average 2:1 ROI ratio that Google suggests.

Google Ads is a consistently evolving system – the algorithms behind are not the same today as they were a year ago. Learning from trial-and-error results in burning cash while ace professionals at Seven C Digital can get you better results without spending a fortune.