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Online banners at the right places and at the right time can get your brand exponential growth and visibility. Contrary to popular belief, ad blockers have not completely obliterated the reach of display banners and they still work!

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Display Advertising Services

Display Advertising Services

Organic growth is great, but let’s face it – it takes a heck lot of time and not everyone believes in waiting. If you are clear about your business goals and more importantly, the timeline to achieve them, Seven C’s display advertising agency can make it happen for you. The best part is, in most of the cases, it shows results even faster than you think it would!

Great ad placement attracts eyeballs like crazy. The usage of audio-visual banners is one of the best tactics because the messages quickly penetrate the minds of viewers, unlike say blog posts and articles that take some time to be read. We design killer display advertising campaigns that take this a step further, leaving a long-lasting impression on the audience.

Studies suggest that the average attention span of people online is less than 10 seconds! Display ads do a pretty good job of striking the core of human attention and making an impact within the first few seconds.

Why Go with Seven C’s Display Ad Services?

We have run hundreds of highly successful display ad campaigns for our clients located in all parts of the country. Our technical analysis team consists of experts from all walks of the digital marketing industry and have versatile portfolios.

No matter what your business niche, budget and preferences, we can create campaigns that get your jaw-dropping ROIs each time! Dozens of testimonials from delighted clients, attest to the fact that we are true, the leading google display advertising agency in Birmingham & in the country.

As a leading display advertising company, Seven C Digital creates and promotes stunning graphic ad banners for hundreds of brands and gets them on the vanguards of search engine directories. Get the ball rolling with our extensively researched strategy and well-placed advertising and before you know it, you can more visitors to your site than you ever imagined!

Display Advertising Company

Our Display Ad Services That Bring Positive Results

Our wholesome display ads management approach begins with in-depth research and takes into account, all the necessary variables before formulating well-structured campaigns that deliver off-the-charts ROI. Your brand values, target audience and platform compatibility is assessed before proceeding with the strategy.


The goal of the ads

Obviously to promote brand or to drive more visitors to the website. Once your display ad campaign strategy is in place, we focus on enhancing your ads to generate more leads for your business.


Budget Options

You should not have to break the bank for online display advertising management. This is why we help you select the best options in the budget that you decide. Our expertise also means you can expect a high ROI on every pound you spend.


In-depth Reporting

Our online display advertising services are completely transparent from the minute we discuss your requirements. We make sure all parties are on the same page and detailed reporting analyses are shared with you every step of the way.

Audience Targeting


With the ever-increasing number of mobile and handheld devices, ads must be mobile-friendly. Our expertise crosses the boundaries of the PC world, to create attention-grabbing ads that show up perfectly on both computers and mobile phones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frankly, because internet marketing is the most profitable method of getting your brand awareness as high as possible! It offers unimaginable ROI, quick results and long-term growth which is very costly to achieve through traditional advertisement. The world has already moved online and would continue to do so, why shouldn’t your advertisements?

Besides traditional display ads, there are various other forms like discovery ads, social ads, native ads and responsive ones. The difference lies in their design, usage of imagery/graphics, targeting method and placement on the website.

Whether you are a startup looking for more customers to drive business growth, a small business with limited resources or a large corporation, display ads can cater to every business size and model. They are highly customisable, yield great results and can fit into any advertising budget.