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PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a great tool for getting more brand visibility and more qualified leads from your website and marketing pages.

Our PPC Agency In Birmingham will help you to make the most of your PPC accounts.

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Paid search is a fantastic way of putting your marketing messages directly in front of people who are searching for services like yours. At Seven C Digital, we have the experience of executing high-performing PPC campaigns for clients from diverse industries.

Our approach is straightforward. We will do an in-depth audit of your account, conduct competitor research, and create a bespoke strategy based on your business objectives and competitive landscape. We will then set up the PPC campaigns, monitor and optimise them and report on their performance.

Unlike other PPC agencies, we don’t stop at the low-hanging fruits. What we create are not just clever ads that attract clicks. Our Google Ads certified team of PPC specialists analyse your website traffic, visits, and visitor journey to reveal the patterns that help us create powerful PPC campaigns that generate unbeatable returns!  

Why Hire Seven C’s PPC Services?

Here are some reasons that make Seven C the preferred PPC management agency for so many businesses in and around Birmingham.

  • We are result-oriented and data-driven, which means actual growth figures speak for us!
  • We don’t put a cap on the number of leads you can gain from a campaign. Whatever gets generated is yours!
  • Our PPC team has Google Ads certified staff who have a long string of successful PPC campaigns to their credit. We can replicate the same success for you.
  • Our PPC campaigns have a track record of providing excellent ROI.
  • We offer complete transparency into every campaign, so you can track the performance and changes in real time.

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What Are Our PPC Services?

Our range of PPC services let you reap excellent results from their online marketing efforts in a short duration of time. We have a team of PPC experts who can help to…

Lead Generation Services

Paid Search Ads

Want speedy results with your lead generation campaigns? Switch to paid advertisements that put you on the fast track of business growth. Many of our clients experience an unimaginable boost in their businesses after just a few of these. Our PPC agency’s well-executed tactics bring powerful returns on your ROIs despite updates in search engine algorithms.

SEO-Friendly Content Writing

Remarketing Ads

Miss customers who once bought from you? With the Seven C PPC advertising agency, you can get them back without much hassle. We employ industry-secret remarketing methodologies that capture the attention of your past customers and bring them back to your brand.

SEO copywriting agency

Display Advertising

Struggling to improve leads and conversion rates? Our experts create stunning infographics, textual and visuals banners that bring new prospects into your funnel systems. With our step by step display ads management systems, your conversions soar through the roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a strategy of bidding on keywords via the major search engines like Google so that your website or landing page shows up on the top of the search results if those keywords are typed into Google.

PPC is based on understanding consumer motivations, keyword intent, the search engine algorithm and having good copywriting skills. 

It depends on your needs and the scope of the project. We do a free audit before we offer any proposal and we have services ranging from £500 upwards so we cater to all sizes of business and budget.

It depends on your business needs, your market and your existing marketing set-up but PPC can be a very quick lead-generation tool. It some cases it can take just days to generate a good result but we usually advise leaving at least a month to see the full potential.

It’s impossible to offer any firm guarantees except that we remain professional and transparent and continually update our tactics depending on the latest PPC updates.