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Whether it is a lead generating advertisement or a popular photo that generates thousands of likes, it all starts with great content. Content is everywhere, and no matter how many changes come to the digital landscape, it is going to stay.

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Shareable Content Reigns Supreme in the World of Social Media

Social media is full of brands and influencers competing for customer attention. Some try posting every day to get as many people hooked as possible, while others get into partnerships to promote each other to increase leverage. Whatever tactics may be used, it eventually boils down to the power of the content they create. If the content isn’t good enough, no amount of external assistance can provide consistent benefits. With these numbers increasing every day, those who take their business reputation seriously, rely on social media content marketing.

You can get quick leads through paid advertisements, but the long-term success of any online venture depends on the quality of the content it has. Businesses that realise this prosper beyond measure. Social media is no different — every post, story and photograph is the basis of digital presence. Without this content, there can be no question of existing online, let alone scaling it. But how do you get quality content for your business’s social media handles? Our social media content creation service is the answer!

Stand Out from the Crowd with High Quality Social Media Content

Our social media content specialists know exactly how to craft content that carves a special place in the minds of the audience. While there is no shortage of average stuff online, quality is rare and quality sells. Traditionally, companies relied on e-mails but now, social media has enabled instant sharing of information between brands and customers. With perfect content and the right framework along with it, you can collect leads, respond to concerns and connect with customers to raise brand awareness.

To the customers, this helps build trust and authority, which translates into better sales and higher revenues.

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Our Social Media Content Creation Services includes:

We are one of the top social media content writing companies in Birmingham, providing a host of content services that hundreds of clients are already benefitting from.

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Organic Social Media Content Creation

Our social media content writers craft catchy headlines to go with periodic posts on your handle. This keeps your loyal followers updated with the latest products and the past customers are reminded of you. The traction that it naturally gains also brings in new leads.

Paid Social Content Creation Services

Your potential customer’s journey often starts with a single click, paid social advertising are a result-oriented way to give your potential buyers that friendly push in the right direction. Our social media content development team can help you scale up your lead generation or brand building campaigns with appealing & clickable copy.

Visual Productions

Visual Productions

Small businesses often do not have large budgets and resources to engage in industry-standard video productions. Let our experts handle your requirements with ease. We make animated ads & animated videos that put your brand into the limelight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Social media content consists of everything that you see on social media. Blogs, e-books, guides make up some of the long forms of content while images, video-ads, short-videos and infographics are the smaller forms.

Of course, it does! Social media content engages viewers because they feel a more direct connection with the brand this way. People who like and trust a brand want to know what they are up to, and social media gives them the perfect opportunity. Brands leverage this by replying to customers’ comments, solving problems quicker and building better relationships.

The bottom line gets positively impacted through better, faster and scalable customer service achieved through social media.

By following a rigorous system that you develop through careful consideration of all the factors involved. Unless it is your everyday job to study social media trends, algorithms and people’s search patterns, social media content creation is best left to professional social media content writing services.

Through an agency like Seven C, you can assign these tasks to specialists who know how to create, market and scale powerful content online.

Like you would have a better understanding of your business specifics, social media content writers have a far better understanding of the technical aspects of content writing. The experience and skills they acquire through years of successful projects, let them get better results than someone from another professional background.