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Great content writing lets your customers know as much as possible, and copywriting does the same job in as few words as possible! Whether it is your business website or other platforms, great copies are needed everywhere and we can create copies that work like magic!

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Seven C’s professional copywriting services get you access to the finest copywriting work on the planet. Our copies cater to every stage of your online business, product category and audience size.

With our SEO copywriting company in Birmingham, the content created would not only get you a sizeable increase in overall website traffic but a great lead to conversion ratio as well.

SEO Copywriting is Crucial for Online Success

Experts suggest that being on the second page of a Google search is almost half the traffic than being on the first and the third page gives you around 11% of the traffic. SEO copywriting helps you attain the top spots on the first page, giving you the largest share of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) – this is where you get your organic visitors, leads and sales from. The better your copies, the better ranks and more sales!

Secondly, the brand reputation and business image are all tied to how your website represents information. If you need a positive, well-established image for your brand, great copywriting is the place to start.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Professional copywriters and agencies that work with digital systems have an exhaustive understanding of all the nitty-gritty of search engine optimisation along with great writing skills. This helps them in creating copies that drive traffic and get sales for clients. Outsourcing your SEO copywriting would let you get professional recommendations, regular content and save your time. Consider your SEO copywriting agency as an ally that brings you back more than you invest.

Poor copywriting will do you more harm than good. Given the number of websites already existing, it is already hard to make an impact and get a share of the customer pie without running ads. Add to that, poor content and sales copies, and it becomes a recipe for disaster. Businesses that compromise with their copywriting may flourish offline but there is no chance of them making it big online.

Indeed, we can! We can help you optimise your content strategy to deliver even better results. When copywriting works in tandem with your overall content strategy, your online business can get steady growth, without needing much intervention from you and this way, you can focus on the primary business setup.

SEO Copywriting is the art of creating keyword-rich, catchy content that fares well with search engines and hence, gets recommended to customers searching online. Despite all this, it has to be simple so readers at every level of knowledge about the content can understand it.

While both SEO and copywriting are mutually exclusive and can be done separately, their combination is what creates better results.

It is not a great idea for businesses that do not work deep within the digital world every day, to do their own online management. Like every field of work, this too is best left to professionals. Seven C is the leading copywriting agency in the region with countless clients in the country. With vast experience, multi-discipline skillsets and proven results, we are more than equipped to handle your copywriting.