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No matter what content form takes the front seat with changing times, blogs are here to stay. They inform readers about the brand’s values, product updates and act as the foundational pillars of your website’s content.

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Why is Blogging So Powerful?

SEO Acceleration – Blogs give digital marketers, the biggest opportunity to have pages ranked higher on search engines. When relevant keywords that people search for, are included, the blogs show up in search results, which helps them reach your website.

Customer Relations Answering the most frequently asked questions through blogs shows expertise in the industry. Through the Seven C blog management company, brands manage their comments and reply timely, building trust with the customers and authoritativeness with the search engines.

Sharing – Bogs provide a massive opportunity for your readers can share your blog with other platforms and you can include backlinks that add to the referral traffic, organic rankings and search engine indexing.

Why Go with Seven C’s Blogging Services?

In this highly competitive online world, anything average is of no value. Only the finest of the work, combined with consistency can get you a good SEO rank and attention from the customers. Our content creation services deliver first-class blog content that skyrockets your online presence!

Value – With the Seven C as your blog writing agency, the value that you get cannot be compared with blogging individually. Our scheduled blogging system runs like clockwork, accelerating your website’s content within no time.

Expertise – We are a professional blog writing company with the latest tools to scan the internet for high-value content, keywords and websites.

Experience – Our dedicated blog experts are not average Joes! They are expert digital content creators who know how to craft attractive content in every business niche.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Despite the rise of videos and images as content, blogs, almost paradoxically have grown over 10% through the years. More than 400 million people view blogs and write over 77 million comments every month! The stats continue to favour blogging as a prime medium of establishing a digital presence.

Blogs are one of the most trusted ways of building rapport with your customers. Good blogs get thousands of readers, some of which become customers. Search engines also favour websites with blogs and send traffic when someone searches for information online. All this ultimately makes blogs, a great source of free traffic, leads and sales.

There is no harm in blogging every week, although studies suggest that more than 60% of bloggers now blog every month. The more the merrier does not work here, it is more about the quality and consistency. If you can produce high-quality blogs every week and stick to a schedule, go for it!

Unlike paid advertisement, blogging takes some time to reflect results. There cannot be a perfect timeframe but usually, it takes at least 6 months to see a sizeable increase in website traffic. If you are putting up quality content, the wait is definitely worth the while. With the help of a professional blog writing company like us, the results would be better and faster.